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Packin’ Fur began simply – instead of “Packin’ Heat” as CCW was hard to get in Southern California, for personal protection we chose to improve our personal protection situation both inside and outside the house by adopting a German Shepherd Dog from our local shelter. Right away Merci knew her job – to protect her family & home. . With Teens, and their friends in the house, and one of us frequently gone on business travel, firearms and electronic security were part of the plan, but  the guns could not be readily available, and we could not go out the front door packin heat.  Improving on Merci's natural ability, and to learn her strengths and weakness as well as our own, she was formally protection trained thru Sirius K9 Academy whom we highly recommend.

Packin Fur, started as we got frustrated trying to find quality training equipment we could trust, and afford for our two dogs.

It was evident that German Shepherd protection was not enough when illegal activity invaded our neighborhood.  Target shooting with guns and archery had been a hobby, we intensified our training, and  it became another layer of personal protection as Orange County California started issuing concealed carry permits, sending us on a quest for the best carry solutions, Packin Fur, became Packin Fur Defense.

Personal protection became much more important.  However we were finding few products and outlets for what we needed. Packin’ Fur Defense was formed.  Our primary market channels have been gun shows, fashion shows, direct law enforcement sales working closely with the California Gang Task Force, Department of Corrections, OCSD and exhibits at training venues, as we want our clients to be able to touch, feel, try our products as much as possible. We maintain and inventory of our most popular holsters, car safes, and accessories at our location inside Artemis Defense Institute at 11 Spectrum Pointe Drive, Lake Forest, CA 92630 (949) 305.6586. For personal consultation contact Arthur Grant at (949) 528-7385

Our e-commerce site augments our physical sales venues allowing our customers to buy after consideration and evaluation of their needs.

We are proud members of the NRA Business Alliance, the California Pistol and Rifle Association, United States Concealed Carry Association and Calguns.

Many states are changing laws and regulations concerning gun laws and concealment carry.  (Check with your state/county/city for current laws.)

Packin’ Fur Defense intends to earn your business by being a premiere company supplying quality products for personal protection.